One Month For Jungle Coast!

Finally, it’s been one month for jungle coast country! I have to say, alot is done in the first month. This past week, I’ve been working on a wide building(you probably saw it on the map), also, I’ve expanded the railroad by a few miles west. On the north, there is much more houses, that area is developing quickly. Also, in the north side of the city, there is a new canal. Also, since we had the railroad, at the end of it in the ocean, I added a port, with cranes to carry the crates that it will send back and forth between islands. Today, I started a new colony in an island. Not going to reveal too much, but the island is bigger than the average SC generated ones.



About Scdude90

Hello, I have playing survival craft since the beginning of 2014. I am a creative builder, and a forever cruel mode player.
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