District and Downtown News

Remember the new district I talked about in the last post? It is now complete. Here’s a picture of it:

photo 1

Also, the downtown is finally complete! 28 skyscrapers! There is also a small area south of M-30. This is it:

photo 2

A small gas station, and an empty new store. I wanted some more decorative things in the city, so I did the Gas station. Any other suggestions? I know soon I will begin to plan for the stadium, which could be south of the downtown.

More news: I also expanded M-30 nearly twice its length. I ran into a mountain which I am currently carving and terraforming it. As always, the next I have to build to come back is this small district, and the highway running through the mountain. Later.


About Scdude90

Hello, I have playing survival craft since the beginning of 2014. I am a creative builder, and a forever cruel mode player.
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