Names and New Area

The name for the highway N-S is M-10 and the one E-W is called M-30.

Some more news. There is a new grid set of roads on the west side of M-10.

I was thinking about it, and I thought I’d do just the first street off of M-30 too for the industrial district. Then more south we could do mostly residential and few commercial areas. I counted, and we have 13 grids in that zone. 3 will go to industry, 3 to commercial, and the 6 rest to residential. Industry will be the same, commerce may be a some popular stores, and some corner stores or convenience stores. For the residential, I will most likely do a few 2 story flats, and 4 houses. I think since we have a huge hill on the southwest side of the district, we won’t need backyards. I just put porches on their second floor.

Well, that’s all. Only five more high-rises and that new district and I’ll be back.



About Scdude90

Hello, I have playing survival craft since the beginning of 2014. I am a creative builder, and a forever cruel mode player.
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