Bad News/Good News

It’s been a little while since I’ve been here-No! a long while. Okay, so there’s two thing I wanted to tell to my readers.

For one, I have have to say that the bad news here is my tablet’s charger does not work(cheap chargers…) and thus I can’t work on spruceport anymore for about a year.

The good news however is that with my phone, I am starting a town called Schrozberg. Basically, in the beginning I was dropped off by these seamen and they left me as an immigrant. I now have started to colonize all the land I see with my own eyes. Hopefully one day it will become something similar that you’ll see in Europe.


About Scdude90

Hello, I have playing survival craft since the beginning of 2014. I am a creative builder, and a forever cruel mode player.
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