My thoughts on Survivalcraft 1.26

I already know that kaalus will most likely add clothing and armor to the game. So if the player is naked, he will probably take more damage wouldn’t he? 

Here are a couple more things I would really love to see in 1.26

– Blue and Yellow LED lights. 

– Orange light bulb

– Ability to paint wicker lamps to create different color effects in lighting.

– Bigger signs and ability to paint them.

– Gunpowder block, and when you paint it, then craft it to item pieces, then put them in a bomb, it will create a colour effect.

– carrots, beans, corn, and many other vegetables.

– Rails, powered rails(with switch and wire), and carts.

– Tribes, they could live in huts and be in groups. You can also see them travel from place to place. 

– Ability for animals to reproduce

– Make wolves your pets

– Get bones after you kill an animal

– Brick fences, Stone brick fences, sandstone fences, marble fences, brick fences, and basalt fences( kind of like how stone fences are)



About Scdude90

Hello, I have playing survival craft since the beginning of 2014. I am a creative builder, and a forever cruel mode player.
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5 Responses to My thoughts on Survivalcraft 1.26

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’d also like it if the signs were a little brighter so you don’t have to always make th text white just to be able to read it easily. Good list. I’d love those items to be implemented in the next update.

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