1st Link for preview!

Yep, thats the link. Check it out! Let me know what you guys think.

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One Month For Jungle Coast!

Finally, it’s been one month for jungle coast country! I have to say, alot is done in the first month. This past week, I’ve been working on a wide building(you probably saw it on the map), also, I’ve expanded the railroad by a few miles west. On the north, there is much more houses, that area is developing quickly. Also, in the north side of the city, there is a new canal. Also, since we had the railroad, at the end of it in the ocean, I added a port, with cranes to carry the crates that it will send back and forth between islands. Today, I started a new colony in an island. Not going to reveal too much, but the island is bigger than the average SC generated ones.


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Mini-Map for the World

I found a very cool app called Cave View, only a dollar, that allows you to view SC world in a different perspective. Here is the map of the world:(Huge reveal)FullSizeRender

As you can see, the only visible parts of the map are the chunks I edited in world. The highways are light gray, and main roads are dark gray. Most parking lots are black to create a mixture. On the left, is another town not too far from Junglecoast city. The stadium on the top is complete. And above the stadium is a rail road, which isn’t too long right now, but will stretch long. The high ways are okay, and if you were confused the one left-to-right is M-30 and the one top-to-bottom is M-10.

Let me know if you want to buy a plot of land somewhere. Or a nice place you would like to live in in the city.


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District and Downtown News

Remember the new district I talked about in the last post? It is now complete. Here’s a picture of it:

photo 1

Also, the downtown is finally complete! 28 skyscrapers! There is also a small area south of M-30. This is it:

photo 2

A small gas station, and an empty new store. I wanted some more decorative things in the city, so I did the Gas station. Any other suggestions? I know soon I will begin to plan for the stadium, which could be south of the downtown.

More news: I also expanded M-30 nearly twice its length. I ran into a mountain which I am currently carving and terraforming it. As always, the next I have to build to come back is this small district, and the highway running through the mountain. Later.

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Names and New Area

The name for the highway N-S is M-10 and the one E-W is called M-30.

Some more news. There is a new grid set of roads on the west side of M-10.

I was thinking about it, and I thought I’d do just the first street off of M-30 too for the industrial district. Then more south we could do mostly residential and few commercial areas. I counted, and we have 13 grids in that zone. 3 will go to industry, 3 to commercial, and the 6 rest to residential. Industry will be the same, commerce may be a some popular stores, and some corner stores or convenience stores. For the residential, I will most likely do a few 2 story flats, and 4 houses. I think since we have a huge hill on the southwest side of the district, we won’t need backyards. I just put porches on their second floor.

Well, that’s all. Only five more high-rises and that new district and I’ll be back.


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All high-rises

There are total of 22 high-rises(part of downtown) and 1 large skyscraper. Remember the picture last post? The building piece on the right is a large skyscraper. It has 14 floors.

photo (1)

Yep, that’s it, it is a cylindrical skyscraper, which is very neat. Also, see the building on the left of it with the green logo on it? That can be the mystery of the day.


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Big Advancement and Name

Since the last post, I showed you the very first building, which is Apt#1. Now I have this picture. Also, the city name chosen was Junglecoast City!


As you can see, we have apartments on the left side of the park, Ahead we have three businesses. The hat one is Hats N Shoewear, which has a variety of shoes and hats, and other items.

The one with the mug is Hot Foods. It is a restaurant.  They various foods, and milk. There are tables you can sit at to enjoy your meal. On the floor above the restaurant, is a very nice kitchen which has job openings!

The last is the JCB bank. Nothing to special, but holds money. You also mail me to have your account created to 20 iron in it at start.

Also, I am standing on a North-South highway, which stops the downtown, and into more low-density commercial and industrial areas. also residential.

If you travel north on the highway, you will lead to an interchange and traveling west of that Highway, there is the industrial zone.

We still need names for the Highways, and the park. Any ideas?

Also, I will post some more pictures of some of the commercial zone shops and restaurants.

There is two secret things I made on the right side of the photo. Can you guess what they are.

Lastly, some Good News- 7 more buildings, and 1 more park until the downtown is complete! Then we can move on the the other areas.

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